ATCOenergy Configure Price Quote Implementation


ATCOenergy wanted to implement a quoting tool that guided its salespeople through the configuration of complex quotes and deals to resolve issues with misquoting that was leading to profit loss.

Together with Creative Sparq, they successfully designed an enhanced quoting process and launched Salesforce CPQ.

What we introduced

  • Redesigned quoting process
  • Quote configuration wizard
  • Automatic pricing calculations
  • Auto-generated quotes and agreements
  • Integration with eSignature capabilities
  • Tracking and analytics

What we achieved

  • Consistent quote configuration
  • Accurate pricing every time
  • Realizing true profit margins
  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Reduced time to produce quote by at least 50%


ATCOenergy is the fourth largest competitive energy retailer in Alberta, offering flexible electricity and natural gas plans, flexible payment options, and local support to residential and business customers.

Prior to implementing CPQ, ATCOenergy lacked a structured approach to pricing, quoting, and contracting, resulting in:

  • Lack of adherence to standards or controls due to manual quoting process
  • Profit loss
  • Misalignment with brand requirements .
  • Delays in the sales cycle
  • Lack of visibility into the deal, metrics, status, and history
  • Inaccuracies and discrepancies
  • Negative customer experience

ATCOenery engaged Creative Sparq to implement a consistent quoting process that factors in highly regulated complex variables, including multi-location provisioning and fixed and variable rate options based on market rates.

The solution

Leveraging Salesforce CPQ, ATCOenergy and Creative Sparq together implemented a quoting process that resolved these challenges by:

  • Undergoing a full process review with leaders and stakeholders to identify the strengths and opportunities of the existing quoting process
  • Reimagining new processes that all impacted teams aligned with and contributed to
  • Building a wizard-like user interface where products are selected and configured according to multiple terms and conditions to find the right scenario for the customer.
  • Introducing cost and profitability calculations based on standard pricing models
  • Enforcing appropriate approvals prior to presenting a quote to the customer
  • Enabling click-to-send agreements for real-time e-signature
  • Streamlining deal execution and integrating workflow into Salesforce
  • Determining key KPIs to inform tracking and analytics to identify trends and facilitate decision making

The results

After implementing CPQ with Creative Sparq, ATCOenergy was able to achieve consistent, accurate, compliant, and professional quoting processes, cutting the time necessary to generate quotes down to minutes.  

  • Agreements are generated in a standard, consistent, compliant format without the need for manual edits by the representative.
  • Profit losses are mitigated so that true profit margins can be realized
  • Compliance with industry regulations is enforced
  • Efficiency of order entry process increased by at least 100%
  • Leaders are able to better manage deal margins and profitability to ensure offers are in the best interest of the business
  • Executives, leaders and sales reps have visibility into real-time reporting and analytics, with customized data for each role

What is it like working with Creative Sparq?

“It was a very positive experience. They were always available. I really enjoyed working with them.”

“I felt Creative Sparq was able to provide insight. They provided the boundaries and the guidelines and the solutions.”

“I felt we were their number one priority.”

“I thought it was productive but also collaborative. It was very much a team approach. It wasn’t ‘us’ and ‘them’. We made it happen as a team which isn’t always the case when you’re working with a vendor.”

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