Sparqing success

TELUS custom security systems

“This is the first time our leaders are getting a total sense of what is at play in the business.”

Daniel Frome

Senior Program Manager

Beyhan Zor

Program Management Office Manager

Company profile:

Security and home automation


5% revenue increase in first three months

8 hours saved per week per sales manager

Leadership gained full view into operational and performance metrics

TELUS Custom Security Systems sees immediate conversion increase, gains unprecedented insights into business metrics

When TELUS Custom Security Systems (TCSS) ramped up their acquisition activity, they simultaneously looked to optimize their Salesforce environment to support a fast-growing team and customer base.

“We began working with Creative Sparq as the result of acquisition activity, and we needed a partner who could not only do the technical development work, but also act as a strategic business consultant that would listen to what we needed and make thoughtful recommendations that would meet those business requirements. Creative Sparq did just that.” said Daniel Frome, Senior Program Manager at TELUS. “Since our partnership began, we’ve been able to look to Creative Sparq as a trusted partner for technical and strategic expertise.”

TCSS has seen a 5% conversion increase in the first three months of implementation — a notable achievement compared to previous metrics.

“Due to the work we have done building out the Salesforce platform, this is the first time our leaders are getting a total sense of what is at play in the business,” added Frome. “Our latest project with Creative Sparq is expected to save up to eight hours per sales manager per week, resulting in massive savings of time and resources.”

“We felt like the Creative Sparq consultants were part of our team, which is a feeling we haven’t gotten with larger implementation partners,” said Beyhan Zor, Program Management Office Manager at TELUS. “We were able to trust Creative Sparq to handle any bumps in our project calmly and professionally — with their full support to ensure business continuity even outside of regular business hours.”

As a result of their Salesforce implementation work, teams within TELUS Custom Security Systems are now speaking the same language — enabling the business to be more transparent with each other, better informed, and more profitable.

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