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Summit Fleet Digital Strategy

“Summit Fleet is executing a digital strategy that consolidates our systems, streamlines our processes, and increases our competitiveness to benefit both our customers and our team.” 

Kwok Kwan

Director, Operations, Summit Fleet

Company profile:

Summit Fleet is a fleet management services company based in Calgary, Alberta that provides customized fleet solutions for customers in the oil and gas, construction, utilities, engineering, manufacturing, transportation, and agriculture industries. 


  • $450 million revenue
  • 150+ employees
  • 25,000 managed unit portfolio
  • Multiple locations, hubs, and yards in the USA and Canada


Clear strategy to:

  • Consolidate and integrate systems
  • Improve customer interactions across multiple channels
  • Streamline business processes
  • Automate manual activities
  • Facilitate organizational collaboration and accountability
  • Capture rich data and actionable insights
  • Improve ability to respond to changing conditions

What’s next for Summit Fleet?

Summit Fleet is executing their digital strategy — starting with enhancements to sales and support processes before moving onto order management, integration, and marketing. 

“We’ve started executing the roadmap and we’re excited,” said Kwan.

Digital Strategy aligns Summit Fleet leadership to streamline digital systems to support growth


Summit Fleet was using several IT systems in silo to manage customer interactions during the sales, order fulfillment, and billing processes. These systems and processes were managed manually, with workflows relying on email and spreadsheets to manage the customer lifecycle. This resulted in long delivery times, inefficient resource allocation, a high likelihood of errors between systems, lack of visibility into the customer journey, and unreliable executive reporting.

“Our workflow relied on Excel files and multiple systems to capture customer information, which had to be reentered many times throughout the customer lifecycle,” explains Scott Stevenson, Director, Business Development at Summit Fleet. “Leadership had little visibility into the status of our projects without intensive manual effort — and we often ended up making decisions for the business without knowing the full picture.”  


Summit Fleet leadership objectives were to:

  • Eliminate manual re-entry of information across systems 
  • Streamline workflow to support growth 
  • Improve collaboration 
  • Increase integration 
  • Leverage data as a competitive advantage


Summit Fleet engaged Creative Sparq to develop a digital strategy assessing their IT infrastructure and recommending solutions to achieve leadership objectives. 

To accomplish this, Creative Sparq led Summit Fleet through a thorough review of their existing systems and processes to identify the strengths and opportunities for improvement. Together, they pinpointed where each inefficiency and redundancy stemmed from in their systems and processes. 

Creative Sparq then created various options for future-state design that Summit Fleet would implement over multiple projects to achieve fully integrated and consolidated systems. 

The strategic roadmap allows Summit Fleet to migrate group email inboxes, spreadsheets, key applications, and Word documents into a single integrated system, reducing manual effort by up to 50%.

This solution enables reliable data to inform key reports that are generated using real-time information with the end goal to get vehicles on the road 30% faster. 

“We now have a clear understanding of where we are today, where we’re going, and how we’re going to get there,” said Kwan. “We also appreciate the grant funding available through the Canada Digital Adoption Program, which we took advantage of to extend our budget towards our digital strategy initiative.” 

Working with Creative Sparq

“It was apparent that Creative Sparq took the time to understand our business and it shows in their work. They produced a high-quality digital strategy that is driving clarity and alignment at the executive and board levels.”  

– Kwok Kwan, Director, Operations, Summit Fleet 

“Creative Sparq has the specialized expertise that we need to transform our business to achieve growth targets.”  

– Scott Stevenson, VP, Sales, Summit Fleet

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