CRM Implementation

Creative Sparq remains focused on design and implementation of customers relationship management systems, since 2012.

Enable growth and productivity gains by introducing efficiencies, workflow, and automation that allow your business to scale without increasing operating expense.

It’s as simple as:

  • Hosting all lead, prospect, and customer information in one place
  • Facilitating visibility and collaboration between teams at any time in the customer lifecycle

The Customer Value Stream

The customer lifecycle is enabled by the customer value stream, arguably the most significant workflow in your organization. This is how your teams first engage your prospects, provide value, issue a bill, and take payment.

Customer value stream diagram

Here’s where we go looking for the largest productivity gains, the most strategic projects, for the most significant impact.

Salesforce masters

We like to move fast. We use the best technology, the leading technology, for our CRM. We always have.

We’ve pushed on it. We’ve pulled on it. We’ve dug deep. We took the time to master the system, so you don’t have to.

Supported Salesforce platforms

Salesforce certifications

When to consider Salesforce

It may be time to consider Salesforce as the digital solution for your business if you are looking to:

  • Enhance collaboration and alignment between teams
  • Consolidate data in a single, central location
  • Enable employees and contractors to update information from anywhere
  • Customize your systems to support your business processes
  • More efficiently produce and track customer quotes and contracts
  • Automate and track internal and external approvals throughout the negotiation process
  • Introduce integrations with other systems
  • Rely on one central system as your source of truth for data and reporting

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