Business process is a cornerstone of business that moves work through an organization in a streamlined and coordinated fashion — and behind every great business is great process. 
Well-designed business processes maximize productivity, remove friction, increase collaboration, and provide rich, real-time analytics while ensuring work moves seamlessly through the organization.

What you’ll achieve by focusing on your business processes

When you assess and redesign your business processes with Creative Sparq, you can:

  • Maximize output from your resources
  • Reduce or eliminate duplication of work
  • Reduce errors
  • Eliminate bottle necks 
  • Share common understanding of your operations with all employees and stakeholders, so work is done in a consistent way across the organization 
  • Standardize procedures that your team can easily be trained on as your organization evolves and grows
  • Enable collaboration across divisions

What to expect

Creative Sparq approaches process design in two steps:


Current state analysis

We first conduct a current state analysis to uncover the gaps in the existing process, identify the strengths that we want to ensure we don’t change, and give your team an opportunity to share their feedback and requests for future enhancements.

We do this by:

  • Gaining insights from key leaders and stakeholders in all departments to understand current business operations
  • Documenting our findings in process diagrams that we share with the project sponsor
  • Bringing decision makers together to determine the direction of future process enhancements with the information we have gained.


Future state design

With the information gained in this current state analysis, we then create optimized future-state business processes with your leaders and subject matter experts that are strategically designed to eliminate duplication, streamline work, and resolve the roadblocks identified by you and your team.

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