Salesforce field service

Salesforce Field Service provides comprehensive workforce management functionality that enables mobile employees (service and sales) to work seamlessly with sales, service agents, dispatchers, service managers, and other stakeholder groups.

What you’ll achieve by implementing Salesforce Field Service

  • Centralize work order information so that all employees have the same information to better support customer interactions
  • Schedule and prioritize jobs by intelligently assigning the right people to the right work orders based on skills, location, and custom business rules
  • Auto-schedule maintenance and repeat work orders
  • Capture data from your mobile employees through step-by-step guided workflows, instructions, and safety procedures
  • Capture customer signature on mobile service reports 
  • Connect work orders to assets and service tickets so employees can more effectively maintain your equipment and resolve customer support requests
  • Add unique list items while keeping a consistent phrasing style and similar line lengths
  • Dispatch using maps and Gantt charts for intuitive scheduling and routing 
  • Track and control vehicle inventory in real-time
  • Capture employee activity through timesheet tracking 
  • Enable in-field customer signature capability
  • Access real-time data and analytics related to operational performance and KPIs

What to expect

Creative Sparq approaches Field Service implementation in 5 steps to automate your field teams:

We first work together with leadership and subject matter experts to uncover:

  • How orders and service appointments are captured, scheduled, performed, and billed 
  • How inventory, equipment, and customer assets and products are tracked 
  • How field technician certification and job qualification are managed. 


Business process analysis

We then work with you to design enhanced processes that:

  • Maximize your strengths and what currently works well
  • Streamline inefficiencies and automate manual activities
  • Optimize scheduling and routing to minimize travel, overtime, and no-shows
  • Produce reliable reporting and analytics that drive improved decision making


Customize and configure

We tailor Field Service to your business processes, including:

  • Work types, service territories, operating hours, scheduling policies, skills, and other Field Service features
  • Automations to replace repetitive tasks and eliminate rekeying
  • Custom user interfaces that optimize the user experience


Data migration

If you’re currently using other tools, we clean, standardize, and migrate your data from previous tools into Field Service so that users can easily transition order management into the optimized solution and produced reports on in-flight and historic information.


User acceptance testing

Before launch, we test the functionality of Field Service with a small subset of users.


Training and roll-out

We train your teams to use Field Service effectively — ensuring that the system is used consistently. Administrator training is also offered so that you have dedicated internal support to provide day-to-day maintenance of the system.


Support and sustainment

As your business evolves and processes change, you can access skilled Creative Sparq administrators to implement enhancements at the pace you need.

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