Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud allows you to take control, automate, and enhance sales performance.

What you’ll achieve with Salesforce Sales Cloud

When you implement Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can: 

  • Centralize customer information 
  • Automate manual sales activities 
  • Drive sales pipeline visibility and tracking
  • Produce accurate sales forecasts
  • Improve collaboration among team members
  • Empower improved decision making

What to expect

Creative Sparq works with you to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and automate your sales channels in 5 steps: 


Business process analysis

Together with your leadership team and subject matter experts, we work to uncover: 

  • How prospects are identified and qualified as sales transactions, including integration with marketing processes
  • How accounts and contacts are tracked and maintained
  • How sales channels manage prospects through the sales cycle 
  • How products are identified, priced, quoted, and agreed or contracted 
  • Where applications can be integrated to remove rekeying 
  • What data you need for your analytics to bring clarity to the sales pipeline and revenue forecasting 

After identifying the strengths and opportunities in your existing sales processes, we then design enhanced processes that: 

  • Retain and capitalize on the strengths in your existing processes 
  • Introduce solutions to roadblocks in the customer experience
  • Streamline inefficiencies and automate manual activities 
  • Produce reliable reporting and analytics that drive improved decision making


Customize and configure

Once your business processes analysis is complete, we then customize Sales Cloud to enable your enhanced business processes, leveraging: 

  • Sales Cloud features including leads, web-to-lead, accounts, contacts, opportunities, products, and quotes
  • Automatic integrations, including syncing emails and calendars with Salesforce 
  • Automations and workflows to replace repetitive tasks and eliminate rekeying 
  • Custom user interfaces that optimize the user experience
  • Reports, dashboard, and analytics that display real-time intelligence for improved decision making 


Data migration

If you’re currently using other tools, we clean, standardize, and migrate your data from previous tools into Sales Cloud so that users can easily begin using the new system, while ensuring that Sales Cloud reporting includes historical information.


Training and roll-out

We train your teams to use Sales Cloud effectively and consistently. Administrator training is also offered so that you have dedicated internal support to perform day-to-day maintenance of the system.


Support and sustainment

As your business evolves and processes change, you can access Creative Sparq’s skilled administrators to implement enhancements at the pace you need. 

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