Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot) is a B2B marketing automation platform that streamlines marketing processes to generate and nurture high-quality leads that drive sales and revenue.

What you’ll achieve with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

When you implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, you can:

  • Design captivating marketing campaigns that integrate with other Salesforce products (like Sales Cloud) for the optimal view of the customer lifecycle 
  • Capture, track, manage, and qualify leads more effectively 
  • Personalize content and interactions
  • Track campaign performance and prospect patterns
  • Coordinate marketing effort across channels including email, social media, website, and mobile
  • Automate marketing flows and scheduling, including email and social media campaigns
  • Identify specific interactions your prospects make with your digital assets
  • Integrate sales and marketing efforts to improve conversion and shorten sales cycles
  • Compare performance of email versions (A/B testing) 

What to expect

In addition to your business’ unique needs, Creative Sparq reviews this key set of base functionalities and customizes Marketing Cloud Account Engagement for you:

  • Determine the business strategy and supporting marketing objectives
  • Determine the business strategy and supporting marketing objectives
  • Integrate Marketing Cloud Account Engagement with other Salesforce products to facilitate a 360 view of the customer
  • Set up lead scoring and grading
  • Create forms and landing pages that automatically populate leads into Salesforce
  • Set up email templates and campaigns
  • Set up drip campaign automation
  • Create reports and analytics that monitor marketing initiatives in real-time

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